Ju Liu

Personal blog by Ju Liu.

I try to write code that doesn't suck. I rarely succeed.

Peeling zeroes in Idris

October 28, 20219 min read

An adventure with dependent types in Idris.

Ditch your version manager

September 17, 20217 min read

Try Nix and don't look back.

Elm at NoRedInk

April 28, 202114 min read

How to organize 500K lines of Elm.

There and back again

March 26, 20219 min read

A tale of converting and converting back.

A simple tmux config

March 22, 20216 min read

Supercharge your terminal experience with tmux.

z-index by examples

February 01, 20216 min read

Or “z-index: 99999” considered harmful.

Permutate parsers, don't validate

January 13, 202119 min read

A practical example of “Parse, don't validate” in Haskell.

Complicated Haskell Words - Isomorphism

November 29, 20208 min read

isos "equal", morphe "shape".

A walkthrough of Elm Warrior

October 09, 202016 min read

Or how to build a simple AI that's slick and thick.

Writing a program that writes itself

November 04, 20196 min read

What is a Quine and how to write one.

Performant Elm, Part III, Html.Lazy

October 21, 20196 min read

Being successful at being lazy.

Performant Elm, Part II, Html.Keyed

October 07, 20196 min read

Understand how Html.Keyed works and how to use it.

Performant Elm, Part I

July 08, 20195 min read

A tale of performance optimization in Elm.